Taking a momentary break from my ghost story comic updates.

This was an early concept for my Portland @artcrank entry, but I decided to go a different direction. Still turned out pretty ok I think!

Be sure to come by @velocult on Oct. 4 and check out all the great art from local artists—and see what I chose to contribute to the show!

The latest spread from Shades, a ghost story. I’ll be at rosecitycomiccon with this book and a few other items for sale alongside Dan Siger of midnightsmasque. Come find us!

Spread seven. Getting spookier.

I am behind again! Apologies. The problem with having too many balls in the air at once is that you forget to keep your promises…

I will now carpet-bomb updates until I catch up!

Here is the third installment of Shades

This little book will be for sale at rosecitycomiccon along with some other prints of my work and the first printing of Midnight’s Masque by Dan Siger. Come check us out! #RCCC

I am going to be teaming up this month with Dan Siger of Midnight’s Masque http://midnightsmasque.com (Dan wrote and I drew) to man a table at Rose City Comic Con, Sept. 20-21! http://rosecitycomiccon.com/

I will be drawing and celebrating the first printed version of Midnights’ Masque with Dan, as well as selling some poster prints and cards of my own art. If you haven’t singed up for the convention already, do it! It will be a blast.

Along with a few posters and cards, I will also have my first book for sale, a brief story of a couple of lonely ghosts. In preparation, I will be posting one page from my book for free each day until the eve of the show. Here is the cover.

Enjoy, and come see us at table T-02!

Illustration for a client appreciation card for the agency I work for.

Inspired by the great work at @fightthenewdrug, I wanted to offer up my own version of the tagline. #PornKillsLove #InspireChange #FightTheNewDrug DoGood #RespectPeople #nofilter

Art for sale.

After much prompting, I have finally taken the plunge and put some of my illustration up for sale. Please check out my products on redbubble > http://www.redbubble.com/people/darrencools

If there is a particular illustration you would like to purchase that I do not have up for sale, message me about getting it added to the list.

I love you all. Thanks for your support!